[#233] 21-inch TripleKut™ Bow Saw

The 21-inch Bow Saw is lightweight and very sharp, perfect for clearing brush and pruning. Safety tension lever for added control and a lightweight tubular-steel frame for easy use. The bow saw blade can easily be replaced to keep this saw functioning at top performance for years to come.


Lightweight, Strong, Tubular-Steel Frame, Hardened Carbon-Steel Blade Stays Sharp, Replacement Hardened Carbon-Steel Blades Available, Safety Tension Lever for Added Control and Safety, 21-inch Long-Life Replaceable Hardened Carbon-Steel Blade Can be Changed Quickly


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At Centurion, we never stop innovating to ensure you get the best tools at the best price. Using only the highest quality materials and the latest ergonomic research, Centurion product engineers design tools for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use that stand the test of time.

Perfect for any home-owner or landscaper to effortlessly keep your lawns and gardens trimmed and beautiful.