[#709] Garden Wire and Clip Set

This 71 piece set is perfect for protecting, securing your plant from being damaged, breaking and growing in a desired direction, especially in the windy and rainy days. The clips hold flowers and plants firmly when connected to a trellis, stake or other support and will not hinder the growth. The clips have a quick and flexible release design that is easy to clip or remove, just simply clip the stem to a chosen support, which helps the plants health and encourages the direction of plants growth. This 71-piece value set comes with 25 large and 25 small clips, 98 ft. of coated steel wire tie with built-in steel cutter and 20-9-inch plant zip ties. This set is specifically designed to provide support to a variety of flowers and plants.


· Comes with 2 Different Size, 25 small 1-inch, and 25 large 1 1/2-inch Plant Clips, 50 Piece Plant Clips in Total.
· Used to Support Plants, Flowers, Tomatoes or Seedlings. Just Clip the Stem to Anything That Can Provide Support.
· Clips Offer a Quick and Flexible Release, Easy to Use and Remove
· Perfect for Securing Plants to Trellis, Stakes, or Other Supports
· Steady Support for Plant to Grow in Direction You Want
· Heavy-Duty Spring Steel Wire is Weatherproof and Non-Rusting with Steel Cutter
· 20-9-inch Zip Ties are Also Perfect for Connecting Plants to Chosen Supports


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