[#196] Stainless Precision Snip

Cutting capacity: 1/4-inch diameter. The compact precision 2-inch curved snip is perfect for trimming in tight and close quarters – a great option for delicate herbs, house plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, bonsai trees and hydroponic gardening. The curved blades allow users to fine-tune their plants effectively without sacrificing blade size. The rust-resistant stainless steel construction provides long-lasting durability plus is very easy to clean and sterilize, even with heavy use. The convenient spring loaded handle design enhances speed, performance and makes cutting easier.


Sharp, Stainless Steel Blades – Comfortable, Non-Slip Cushion Grip – Convenient, Left or Right Handed – Double-Sided Thumb Locks – Curved Blades Provides Superior Control and Precision to the Very Tip – Easy Open Spring Action Increases Performance / Speed, Reduces Stress on Hands – Beveled Blades for a Precise and Clean Cut


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At Centurion, we never stop innovating to ensure you get the best tools at the best price. Using only the highest quality materials and the latest ergonomic research, Centurion product engineers design tools for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use that stand the test of time.

Perfect for any home-owner or landscaper to effortlessly keep your lawns and gardens trimmed and beautiful.