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Tips and Tools to Help the Garden Transition from Spring to Summer

The turning of seasons are times of change in the garden. The transitions of fall to winter and winter to spring are pretty obvious—put your garden to bed for the former and plan and plant it for the latter. What about the transition from spring to summer, though? While the changes that occur from spring to summer are less obvious,

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Top Tools to Get Kids Excited About Gardening

It’s no secret that introducing kids to gardening at an early age inspires a lifelong curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. Time spent outdoors is beneficial for everyone in the family. All you need is air, sunshine, and some water to make a kid-friendly garden, whether in an endless backyard or on a quaint patio.   April is Kids

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5 Mistakes New Gardeners Make and How to Avoid Them

When starting a new hobby, especially gardening, making mistakes is a rite of passage. Mistakes are essential in the learning process and help you grow in your experience! While it may be impossible to have a perfect gardening experience in your first few years, here is some advice on the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Over

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