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How to Start an Indoor Garden

Living in a city or small apartment doesn’t mean gardening isn’t an option. Heck, it doesn’t even make it difficult! With an idea of your limits and opportunities and outfitting yourself with the appropriate tools, you’ll be ready to start your indoor oasis in no time.   Find the Light Plants need light to grow, and the indoor environment is

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The Right Tools for the Right Garden Job

When it comes to gardening, tools are a must. Imagine moving mulch without a wheelbarrow or pruning a hedge without clippers. Those tasks would be impossible! Not to mention time-consuming—and unnecessarily so. That said, not all types of gardening require the same tools. We can put a spin on the “right plant for the right place” phrase and say “right

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Tools, You Didn’t Know You Need

Maybe this sounds familiar: While you are in the yard doing odd jobs, you see a branch at the base of a bush that needs to be removed. You look in your tool shed for a long-handled saw. Nothing. Because shimmying under the bush is impossible and you don’t have a pole saw, you end up duct taping a hand

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