Digging deeper : Adjustable Grip ByPass Pruner

Centurion Adjustable Grip ByPass Pruner features adjustable large or small grip sizes for cleanly cutting green branches or stems up to 1 inch thick.

With just a flip of the switch you can be snipping thinner or heavier branches easily. Featuring precision ground high carbon steel blades that are low friction and non-stick, allow for a much smoother sap and debris free cut.

Centurion’s Adjustable Grip ByPass Pruner is perfect for a variety of cutting and pruning jobs. They are every gardener’s “Best Friend”.


Precision ground high carbon steel blades

Centurion’s Adjustable Grip Bypass Pruner uses razor sharp, precision ground high carbon steel blades that stay sharper for a longer period of time. Our blade design ensures less resistance than thicker blades for a cleaner cut and lasting performance. Lightweight and durable, the ByPass style blades can cut up to 1-inch thick live branches.

Adjustable grip size and convenient locking

Easily switch between large and small grip sizes to maximize cutting control for different thickness to branches. Engineered for blades to be locked using just one hand, Centurion’s Adjustable Grip ByPass Pruner can be safely stored and transported.

Teflon coating

Teflon coated blades resists rust and help the blades cut through wood with ease. Low-friction and non-stick coating prevents the pruner blades from gumming up with sap and other debris.

Lightweight and comfortable

Ergonomically designed handles with natural wrist position maximize comfort, control and ease of use. Made with lightweight fiberglass and using TPR cushion technology, Centurion Adjustable Grip ByPass Pruner handles reduce pressure on your hands and make pruning more comfortable.


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