The Benefits of Houseplants – There are More Than You Think!

We once bought houseplants just because they were pretty. Instinctively, we knew our lives were better with plants but now science has proven it. The benefits are so much more than we ever could have imagined.

We call plant care, self-care because the nurturing of another living thing helps us slow down and center ourselves. And who couldn’t use a little more of that?

With the holidays almost here, what could be a better gift to give and receive than luscious green plants and the tools to take care of them?

Here are a few items every indoor gardener needs:

  1. Don’t ruin that new manicure – get good gloves. Our lightweight gloves are perfect for light-duty indoor gardening.

    122_Light Weight_Nitrile Glove

  2. Get a tool that lasts a lifetime. It’s important for plant hygiene to make clean cuts with a good quality pruner.

    924_ByPass Pruner with Lanyard

  3. Make sure to clean up after yourself. It’s also nice to have a bucket to carry around when you’re cleaning up dead leaves or pruning. This one is super handy because it’s collapsible and stores flat in almost any space.

    1403_Collapsible Bucket

How Plants Improve Our Health and Well-Being

  • The Air We Breathe

Plants naturally produce fresh oxygen and purify the air of toxins. Plants also produce humidity as they transpire. Pure air and slightly higher ambient humidity help us breathe easier.

  • Calming Effect

Plants help to reduce stress and promote feelings of wellbeing. Research in hospitals shows that patients surrounded by plants and flowers recover faster, take less pain medication, and have lower heart rates and blood pressure.

  • Focus and Productivity

Several studies have shown that keeping plants at work improves focus and productivity. Large plants or large groups of plants at work can also lessen background noise making it easier to concentrate.

  • Natural Antidepressant

Soil contains microbes called M. vaccae or “outdoorphins”. New science suggests the interaction between the microbes and our immune systems can improve gut health and act as a natural antidepressant.

  • New Age Therapy

Horticultural Therapy has been used for centuries and is seeing a revival, especially with people that have experienced trauma or mental health issues. In Scotland, doctors are prescribing long walks in nature.

  • Memory Booster

A study from Texas A&M shows that being around plants at home or work helps improve memory and attention span by 20% and improves accuracy as well.

  • Heightened Creativity

A 2015 Human Spaces report found that employees whose offices include plants scored 15% higher for creativity. Another theory suggests that looking at nature or plants can shift the brain

Now, go get some plants and show Santa who’s Zen this year!


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