Petscape and Play Outside

Your pet loves the summer months just as much as you do. Endless games of fetch and time outdoors are what memories are made of. Before you and your pets play in the yard, make sure to petscape to keep them safe. It’s easy! Petscaping is the act of taking a little time to pet-proof your yard to keep pets safe when outdoors. It will make hanging outside extra relaxing.

6 Tips to Keep Dogs Happy and Healthy Outdoors

  1. Create Boundaries. While some pets will stay by their human’s side, others love to run out in the open and this could be dangerous. Examine any existing fencing for holes or loose posts and repair. If you don’t have a safe area for Fido to play in, consider adding a fence or petscaping with a natural border like low growing shrubs to make sure he stays where you want him to.
  2. Playtime. Dogs need 30-60 minutes of physical activity a day. Playtime is a great way to get in some of those much needed minutes. Use our collapsible bucket to gather up toys to easily bring them in and out of the house. Your pup will know it’s playtime when he sees you carrying the bright colored bucket! Plus, it folds flat for easy storage.

    1402_collapsible bucket

  3. Use Sunscreen. Dogs can get sunburned just like us. Use an organic dog-formulated sunscreen to keep the rays at bay. Light skinned, white and short-haired dogs are especially susceptible to sunburns which can lead to skin cancer. Avoid outdoor play when the sun is the strongest; between 10 am – 2 pm.
  4. Keep Cool. In the heat of the day, dogs can dehydrate quickly. There a few easy tips to help avoid this. Brush your dog’s hair and keep it free of mats to provide good circulation and regulate body temperature. Carry a water bottle for your pet when taking walks on hot days. Skip long walks between 1 – 4 pm when heat and humidity are usually the highest and can stress dogs the most.
  5. A Close Cut. Since fleas and ticks lurk in tall grass, keep your lawns mowed at 3 – 3.5”. This will help keep these hitchhikers off your pet as well as you. Use our pop-up lawn and leaf bag to clean up grass clippings and debris.

    822_33Gallon pop-up lawn and leaf bag

  6. Keep It Out Of Reach. Dogs love to get into things they aren’t supposed to. Check the area where your dog roams free for edible dangers. For example, did you know dogs love to eat charcoal briquettes from the grill? Keep these out of reach since they can cause vomiting and may require surgery to remove.

Your pet will thank you for taking the time to make being outside safer! Thinking of doing some extra lawn cleanup? Check out our other tools to help with all of your gardening chores!


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