Mulch Now, Relax Later

Mulching in the springtime has many benefits, such as keeping the soil moist and keeping the weeds down. By August, it’s common to see that most of the spring mulch layer has broken down into the soil, and that’s perfectly natural. You might be surprised to learn that adding another layer of mulch now has far-reaching benefits too.

Late summer is the perfect time to tidy up the garden and add a fresh layer of mulch or compost. It ensures plants will continue to grow and thrive for the rest of the season. Let’s face it; gardens can become a little tired looking by this time of year. Spruce up your garden now and love it all fall.

Retaining moisture in the garden during the intense sun and heat of August is critical. Mulch will help the soil preserve it. It also helps to hold falling rain so it can soak into the soil instead of running off it. Adding a two to three-inch layer will improve your soil’s moisture level. It’s important not to bury the base of plants, leave an inch or two of space around them otherwise, the stems could rot. While mulch is great for the soil it can be rough on hands. Get a good pair of gloves and a lightweight, multipurpose popup bag to carry the mulch.

#635_Heavy Duty Latex Glove

#822_33Gallon pop-up lawn and leaf bag

This is also the perfect time to do some edging. It’s vital to stop grass from growing into flower beds, and a clean edge looks so professional. A quality stainless steel shovel will help cut the edge and move the mulch. It’s a great way to get ahead of the game. All of the care you give your garden now will mean fewer weeds next year.

#287_Stainless Steel Round Point Shovel

Many plants benefit from deadheading. Removing old flowers means that plants can use their energy to produce more blooms instead of setting seed. This is also an excellent opportunity to take a close look at your plants for any pests or diseases that may need your attention. A few holes in the leaves aren’t a big deal, but if something looks concerning, clip off the stem with a precision snip pruner and bring it to your local garden center for identification and help.

#201_Precision Snip Pruner

A summer mulching will also benefit your veggie garden for all of the same reasons. Bark mulch, compost, and leaf mold all work well. Some veggie gardeners like to use hay for this job. It keeps fruit and vegetables dry and clean while helping the soil maintain moisture. Check to see if you need to do any deadheading or pruning.

After adding mulch and tidying up the garden, turn on the sprinkler or grab your hose and spray nozzle set to a gentle stream. The water will help settle the mulch in place and the plants will undoubtedly enjoy a drink. Speaking of a drink, you deserve one. In fact, the yard looks so beautiful, you might as well throw a party!

#996_Delux Firemen Nozzle


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