Ladies, You Need the Right Tool for the Job, Garden Smarter Not Harder!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. It’s great exercise, and it’s relaxing to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. And, it’s gratifying to see the lovely flowers you’ve planted and cared for. There is an old adage that says using the right tool for the job makes half the work. Therefore, equip yourself with the best. Work smarter, not harder!

Make Yourself Comfortable

Many gardening tasks require kneeling. It’s nice to be low to the ground to weed, plant, deadhead, and admire plants up close. But, it can be tough on your knees, especially if the soil or grass is wet. Why not make yourself more comfortable? These knee pads, made of memory foam and quick-dry neoprene, cushion your knees and keep them clean and dry. Some people prefer kneeling pads. Either way, they’ll brighten your day.

#1386_Memory Foam Knee Pads

#1385_Memory Foam Kneeling Pad

Your Everything

The most essential gardening tool you’ll ever own is a bypass pruner. Used for everything from deadheading spent flowers, to light pruning, and for cutting bouquets. It’s worth paying just a little more for something that will last for years. Made with all steel construction and a nonstick, precision ground blade, and it works for both righties and lefties. This construction will make cutting a snap!

#192_ByPass Pruner

Now You’re Playing with Power

Meet your pruner’s big sister, the bypass lopper. It has a four-point compound cutting head that gives you superhuman power. The titanium nitride blade stays sharp. The handles are made of fiberglass, keeping the tool itself lightweight and easy to handle.

#186_Titanium Bypass Lopper

Summer Rain

Once again, the right tool is especially important when it comes to gardening. Different jobs require different kinds of water spray. For watering seedlings, container plants, and anything else newly planted, you’ll need a watering wand with a gentle, rain shower spray. Too much water pressure can break stems and uproot seedlings. If you’re washing off a dirty shovel, on the other hand, you’ll want high water pressure. This two-piece watering set has you covered.

#56_2pcs Spray Nozzle Set

The Complete Package

Now we come to the hose to go with your new watering set up. No one wants to trip over the hose, and they can be hard to roll up. Using a metal hose reel cart makes it easy and helps store the hose without getting kinks in it. Made with durable steel construction, it can hold up to 225 feet of hose and has 10-inch wheels for easy mobility.

#658_Metal Hose Reel Cart with Pneumatic Tires


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