5 Simple Ways to Take Up Birding at Home

If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, and enlightening hobby, look no further than bird watching. This easygoing pastime allows you to explore the beauty of nature, observe various bird species in their natural habitats, and learn about their unique behaviors. Plus, it’s an activity you can enjoy from the comfort of your yard!

The beauty of bird watching is that it only requires little equipment or expertise. All you need are some basic supplies like a bird feeder, bird feed, binoculars, and a desire to learn. Once you have those in hand, you’re ready to embark on your bird-watching journey!

To start, you’ll want to create a bird-friendly environment in your yard that will attract different species. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Choose a location for your feeder: When selecting a spot for your feeder, you’ll want to ensure it’s visible from a window or patio and protected from wind and rain. It’s also important to consider the birds’ safety when choosing a location. Placing the feeder near trees or shrubs can provide cover and shelter for the birds to rest and avoid predators. Speaking of which, keep the feeder away from areas where cats or other pets might lurk; keeping the food source away from these potential predators will help assure that the birds are safe while feeding. Also, ensure the feeder is accessible for refilling and cleaning. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping the birds healthy and happy.

2. Select the appropriate feeder: There are several types of bird feeders to choose from, including tube feeders, hopper feeders, and tray feeders. Consider the kind of birds you want to attract and select a feeder appropriate for their size and feeding habits. The Centurion hummingbird feeder is a great choice, as its vibrant color and unique design will catch the eye of both you and your feathered friends. Some feeders accommodate for all environments by including a shelter and perch, such as the Centurion Blue Hopper Bird Feeder.

3. Choose the right seed: Different birds prefer different types of seeds. For example, finches love thistle seeds, while chickadees and nuthatches prefer sunflower seeds. Consider a seed mix that contains various seeds to attract a broader range of birds. Most bird seed mixes on the market can attract many different bird species to your yard.

4. Keep your feeder clean: Regular cleaning of your bird feeder is essential to prevent the build-up of mold and bacteria, which can be dangerous to birds.

5. Offer water: Birds need access to fresh water in addition to seeds. Consider adding a birdbath or small pond to your yard to provide them with a source of hydration. Bird baths now come in various sizes and styles and can fit any yard’s decor.

Once you’ve set up your bird-friendly environment, it’s time to start observing and learning! The best time to go bird watching is early morning or late afternoon when birds are most active. Take your binoculars and bird book or app, and start scanning the trees, shrubs, and sky for birds.

As you observe birds in your yard, it’s important to note that different feeders can attract different species. Centurion Green Metal Suet Feeders, for example, are popular among woodpeckers and nuthatches, who use their strong beaks to access the high-fat content of suet cakes. Centurion Glass Hummingbird Feeders, on the other hand, attract the namesake birds with sweet nectar, while the Centurion Clear Window Bird Feeder can attract a wide variety of birds depending on the type of seed offered.

By paying attention to the unique features, behaviors, and sounds of each species that visit your feeders, you can develop a sharp eye and ear for identifying different birds. From the acrobatic and colorful hummingbirds to the chatty and social chickadees, your yard may be home to a surprising diversity of avian visitors.

With summer just around the corner, and bird songs drifting through the window, now is a great time to pick up bird watching. It’s an endless source of fun, relaxation, and a way to continue learning about the wonders of the world around us.

So, give bird watching a try and set up a feeder out your window! 



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