How to Water Plants When It’s Hot

Smart Watering Tips

While we enjoy a cold glass of iced tea, a cool breeze or a refreshing dip in a pool, our plants have to endure hot sun and scorching temperatures all day long.

They can’t do it on their own! They, like us, need water to persevere. When it’s hot, dry and muggy — the only cure is a cold drink. Nine out of 10 plants agree.

The trick to keeping your garden hydrated during the hottest days is not to water more. It’s to water smarter. Follow these tips to conserve water and keep your garden and lawn looking good. 

How to Smartly Shower Flowers:

  • Morning Glory. Choose to water early in the morning. As the day heats up, water can evaporate before your plants have a chance to soak it up. Watering at night can leave foliage wet and increase the chance of foliar disease. Use a watering wand or nozzle, like Centurion’s Watering Set, with a shower spray that is gentle and won’t damage your plants. For pots and small areas try the Foldable Watering Can. It’s super lightweight and easy to store.


  • Water Deeply. Deep, infrequent watering is better for plants than frequent light watering. Watering deeply, encourages roots to go deep into the ground where they are more likely to find water on their own. Frequent light watering encourages roots to grow near the surface where the soil dries out the fastest. For trees and shrubs, leave the hose at the base of the plant on a slow drip and leave it there for a few hours. Coiling and uncoiling hose can be an unpleasant job as they tend to tangle and kink. Save yourself the aggravation with the Metal Hose Reel Cart. You’ll thank yourself every time you water.


  • Container Plants. Plants in containers need frequent, even daily watering in the summer months. To make it less of a chore, group your pots near an outdoor spigot and use a Coil Hose. They stretch, then coil up by themselves. There is nothing easier. They make watering a breeze.


  • Thank You Very Mulch! A garden with 2-3” of mulch can reduce water consumption by 25-50 percent. Since organic mulch decomposes, get in the habit of re-applying it in every year in late spring after the soil has warmed up.


Nice! You’re saving water, and keeping your garden blooming! Treat yourself by hopping in the pool or sipping an ice-cold drink in the shade. You’ve earned it!


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