Decorate with Holiday Plants

You’ve hung the stockings, set up the tree with your new one-step tree stand, and strung twinkle lights. Only one thing left to do! Add holiday plants to complement your decor. Or, stock up to share with hostesses and friends.

Holiday houseplants instantly liven up a space and spread joy. They’re the finishing touch! And many continue to lend their good looks to your home all year long.

The reasons to grow houseplants are endless. Plants are proven to remove harmful toxins from indoor air, as well as improve our physical and mental health. Place in entries, living rooms or well-lit bathrooms to pop holiday in every room of your house.

Here are the most colorful holiday houseplants along with a cheat sheet on how to care for them.

Best Traditional Holiday Plants

  • Norfolk Island Pine: This mini holiday tree makes a perfect gift and brightens any room. Pines range from 14-44” tall. Add string lights and ornaments. This tropical tree is an easy-care houseplant that thrives all year, with or without holiday décor.
  • Christmas Cactus: Stunning, colorful Christmas cactus gets its name from its blooming period that coincides with the holidays. This easy-to-grow indoor plant comes in shades of pink, red, yellow, orange and white. Put it in a medium-bright spot, give plenty of humidity and consistent moisture and it continues to bring joy long after the holiday season. With minimal attention, it blooms for the holidays every year.
  • Poinsettia: No other houseplant captures the Christmas spirit more than poinsettias. Swap their traditional cellophane wrappings for a permanent pot and place them around fireplaces or front doors.
  • Amaryllis: Bold, stunning and elegant, amaryllis delight with vibrant red and snowy white blooms. The bulbs can be saved season after season for years of color.
  • Rex Begonia: A smaller houseplant perfect for apartments and other spaces, rex begonia brings a colorful touch to desks and tabletops. Find it in seasonal red and green shades and incorporate it with other décor, such as sleighs and reindeer figurines.

Keep Your Holiday Houseplants Happy Year-Round

  1. Wrap It Up. Add a personal touch by potting houseplants in containers matching your décor. Sprinkle Christmas ornaments or pinecones over your plants soil as a pot topper, wrap large indoor trees and plants with Christmas lights or wrap large pots in wrapping paper. Have fun with it!
  2. Let It Shine. Read the plant tag to see how much sunlight and water your holiday houseplant needs.
  3. Keep Watered. Plants don’t drink as much in winter, but still need regular watering. Grab your collapsible watering can. It saves space when not in use but holds enough to water your houseplants.

    1408_Foldable watering can

  4. Feast on Food. Feed regularly during periods of active growth, usually from March through September.
  5. Holiday Trimming. Houseplants need trimming, too. Small garden snips are easy to store and small enough for fitting in between your twinkle lights.

    197_Garden Snip

While these plants fit in with traditional holiday décor, when you put the rest of your seasonal items away, they continue to add beauty to your home.


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